The Hostal Puerta del Sol offers a big variety of rooms, square view or interiors, doubles or singles, with private bathroom or with shared bathroom in the floor, with one big bed or with twin bed. A TV room and coffee dining room are available for your use in a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Tourist life and nightlife are all here adjacent to La Puerta del Sol. Don’t miss it. All there is to see and feel in Madrid is right here at your fingertips. The scene is here just a few steps away in CHUECA. MADRID IS ON THE MOVE, MADRID IS NIGHTLIFE, PARTY TIME AND TOURISM. MADRID IS ALIVE TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY. COME VISIT AND STAY WITH US ON YOUR FIRST OR REPEAT VISIT ¡¡COME AND EXPERIENCE MADRID’S EXCITING LIFE!! ¡¡COME BACK TO THE WORLD’S CENTER!! ¡¡VAMOS, MADRID’S CHARMS AWAIT YOU!!


Plaza Puerta del Sol Map & Our Building Location

Your trip from the Airport to Plaza Puerta del Sol, is about 20 minutes and around 22-25€ by taxi, or 45 minutes and a cost of 1€ by Metro. Taxi and metro stops are located just on the centre of the square. We’re located right at nº 14 Puerta del Sol, next to Alcala Street nº 1, between the PANS & COMPANY restaurant and the Pharmacy in the 4th floor.

Metro Map